10 February 2010

video: Partying at FOSDEM 2010

It is said a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video must also worth more than a few pictures (not as much as the sum of all its frames, but I digress) so probably the best illustration of people having fun around FOSDEM is using video. Technically I could have embedded the .OGVs using the VIDEO tag, but I am not sure blip.tv guys like that (embedding the flash version will carry advertising, theora not) so I am just linking. Follow the links and select "Source - Ogg Theora/vorbis (.ogv)" from the dropdown.

First, there is the FOSDEM Beer Event taking place at Delirium Café. A lot of Fedora people appear here, since they were around me (and a lot of us were there) and the place was quite crowded, making hard to move around (but still not yet at its peak). My highlights: Hercule Stout, the "only" Belgian stout, Delirium Nocturnum, the dark version of Delirium Tremens and a cherry beer for which name I am not sure of.

Then a short clip from the Mozilla bowling which followed the dinner. Unfortunately the footage from Laser Tag were too dark and unusable and I turned off the camera quickly, so I pretty sure this was not the cause my team (blue) got its collective ass kicked so badly.

Sunday evening a part of the Fedora gang returned at Delirium for more beers, fun time and playing with our cameras. If you manage to freeze this video at the right time you can get a very compromising picture of the Dutch and the Greek... I guess it's the time for me to run and hide :D

Maybe I should have started the list of video link with the traditional FOSDEM dance, but it was the last uploaded and I am lazy. Watch the moves and try to repeat them. And don't break anything around you!


  1. The cherry beer is Kasteel Red. The full menu is on their website: http://www.anaesthesic.be/delirium/carte/beers.php?lang=en . Note that there's way more beer than the one on tap.

  2. alex, thanks for the tip... I was confused because I didn't see it on the 'beers on tap' section of their website.