23 February 2010

The evil troll strikes again... and he should make some business cards for himself

For various reasons I moved most of my photography blogging in a separate place (easily discoverable), but as the evil troll I am, I couldn't resist doing what I like the best: tormenting my friends from the community. I know that posting this I would make a guy photographer cry for not having such an opportunity, a designer girl run away scared by the image of the white stuff and a lot of other people (statistically, geek guys are a large majority around here) jealous learning I befriended with all those models.


Now let me tell a story about how the community helped me with this photo set: I met at the show my friend Adrian and when the girls asked for my contact to get the photos, the stupid me didn't have any business card on him, so Adrian gave me a few of his Fedora Ambassador cards and I wrote my email address on the back. The icing on the cake: one of the girls even asked what is that Fedora thing on the face of the cards... I was not bold enough to try to talk her into FLOSS :(


  1. I confirm Nicu's story, the only thing that he missed was the fact that I introduced him to the girls :). Maybe I'll do a follow up and post some pictures with the well bearded man at work.

  2. You lucky bastard. /jealous