03 March 2010

Warm and fuzzy

As Fedora lacks a warm an fuzzy mascot (and every time something like that was tried it was received with a very strong and vocal opposition), I had to use for this photo session the same old Tux penguin. So there is no way I can turn this photo series into some distro-related wallpapers or posters.

It is worth noting the model is a CS student who understand and likes the principles of Free software and Free culture but still uses Windows on her laptop, so the message is almost true :D


Speaking about distro-specific fanmade artwork, I found very amusing an Ubuntu call for artists with a note like "Important: If you use Adobe Creative Suite be sure to save your art in a CS3-compatible format." ...I think I should download Ubuntu and give it a try to see what is about this CS3-thingy, it seems like some cool stuff available only for Ubuntu users (yum search CS3 returns nothing).


  1. Well, that's not Ubuntu, that's Ubuntu-user.com, a magazine about the distribution, check the credits at the bottom of the page, this seems a german editor, who already propose linux-magazine.com.

    But what is funny is the fact they do not ask to have a free license or anything.

  2. Even more so... I would expect a site called "ubuntu-user" to be about using Ubuntu, not Windows (is not easy to run Adobe stuff in Wine)

  3. Maybe this model could be a fedora maskot...

  4. In order to provide a well documented oppinion, I require high resolution photos of the model. ASAP :D

  5. @Ovidiu: as soon an I find the time to get a git of GIMP'ing on them