09 March 2010

OCAL 2.0: Finally, an usable Open Clip Art Library

This is new and awesome: the new interface for the Open Clip Art Library is at least what we waited for all those 6 years since the project was founded. Not the images can be browsed visually (can you imagine an image gallery lacking such feature? OCAL was it...)


The site is powered now by Aiki Framework, a "a new and flexible PHP+MYSQL platform that allows designers and programmers to easily create and work with content management systems from the web" (quote from the press release).

Actually, I think is not very accurate to call it "OCAL 2.0", I think it should more like "3.0", the 1.0 version was the mess put together by us at first that compromised freedesktop.org a few years ago (that happens if you force artist types code :D), then 2.0 was ccHost, that was not really intended for images but for music and now we have a third version which is something usable... hmmmm, I can think about a big software company in Redmond which is famous for having its products usable only starting with the third version, it must be just a coincidence :D

Now I think I should upload some more clipart...


  1. It's a shame that the conversion from the old system is being so poorly managed. A lot of old clip art has been lost and there doesn't appear to be a rational plan to recover it.

  2. we did what we could... help is needed

  3. The article "a" modifies the noun "clip art", not the adjective "usable". So your title should be "Finally, a usable open clip art library."

  4. In the old clipart library I could combine several tags to search for clip art.
    I haven't understood how this works with the new version.
    If it no longer worked it would be a GREAT regression in usability.