09 March 2010

Introducing myself

When I was hit by the need of some business cards and considered the Fedora contributor ones are not fit for the tasks and the ones from my day job are even worse, I decided I need to make some. Fired Inkscape up and got playing with it.
The inspiration came easy: after I saw rejon using his avatar/head icon/hackergotchi on business cards and people recognizing him from that, I knew I have to use one of my avatars too. Not sure what to choose, I conducted a small survey on #fedora-art, but ended not following the advice, most people considered my choice looking too sad, but I feel it is representative. Sorry guys, it was a close call though.


If the narrow depth of field allows (it doesn't :D), one could notice there is nothing "design" related in the area of competency, but I started with "graphics. The words have been carefully selected, as I don't feel comfortable calling me a designer: observing what is happening in FLOSS it make me think more and more about a designer touch being some king of opposite Midas touch, the things turn to crap instead of gold.

It may be that I am an engineer at heart (I worked as an engineer for almost the entire time I remember), but I find myself preferring software applications designed by engineers[*], not by professional designers: I liked Pidgin better before it started become "designed", Thunderbird 3 makes me uncomfortable, I am glad we Linux users were spared by the "keyhole" abomination in Firefox (however, the mockups for FF4 are really scary) and don't get me started on GNOME Shell...

[*] sure, I can provide plenty of examples of horrible design made by engineers, but that's beside the point.

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