12 March 2010

Less pissed, back to work


No, I wasn't that pissed and I am after nobody, just used the opportunity with the photo above to show my new toys tatica style. Thanks to a lot of wonderful people in the community and especially Rex who pointed the solution, my video editing problem is solved, I had to update the kdenlive package from rmpfusion updates testing (long story short, the problem was known, the patch was coming, just a bit delayed). Is late today so the videos will have to wait for the next week, but in the meantime people can get themselves busy with photos from the RLUG presentations.

Now that I am not pissed anymore, let me tell a story with Microsoft, which I found cute:

So far our LUG meetings were hosted by a company who was king enough to offer us a nice room in very affordable conditions (however, starting next month we will probably move in a more central and easily reachable location) and in the middle of our meeting we had a surprise visit from 3 people: the company manager and a couple of guests, a former manager in a major phone company and, the icing on the cake, the former general manager of Microsoft Romania and Microsoft South East Europe (also I believe the founder of Microsoft Romania) - they had a business meeting and then came to see the geeks, probably like at the Zoo :D

I found funny how the ex-Microsoftie found hard to understand how we are not managers in a boring business talk, but enthusiast people having great time together. I also found funny the question about our opinion on Windows 7 (rpetre's answer was spot on "for a Windows is OK") and the sales pitch for the Google Apps clone from Microsoft. In the end, all was good, we even got a round of beers "on the house" (from CG&GC, not from MS).


  1. Hi Nicu,

    As the future (current? at this point I don't even know) maintainer of kdenlive, I'd like to apologize for this issue and trouble it has caused you. Things should definitely have gone a LOT smoother than they had. :(

    As you heard from Rex, the previous maintainer was in the process of handing over maintainership of the package to me when we pushed the Qt 4.6 update to updates stable. You can see that in the comments for the bug I filed for ownership[1], RPMFusion's builder was having some major issues the days we tried to get a build working, but it only recently worked. The update has been sitting in rpmfusion-updates-testing for a few days now, and I just pinged knurd to include it in stable at the next push. It should have gone straight to stable, but I did minimal testing on it, and with all the "RAWR UPDATES BREAKING THINGS" threads, I didn't want to chance making the package worse.

    I did a few x86_64 unofficial builds for the folks who came to me to ask (a few people complained in !kde and !fedora on identi.ca, and even someone came to me in IRC looking for help), but I hadn't supplied any i686 builds.

    At any rate, again I apologize for this little mess that has come up, I can assure you that it won't happen again (at least for kdenlive :) )

    Ryan Rix

    PS: On an unrelated note, I may also be maintaining openshot. The maintainer of kdenlive submitted a package review for it, since they are both based on the mlt libraries. I may pick up that review, should the interest be there. https://bugzilla.rpmfusion.org/show_bug.cgi?id=993

    [1]: https://bugzilla.rpmfusion.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1086

  2. I gotta say it, because every time I see it, it bothers me.

    Please develop better safety habits around firearms.

    You're obviously not preparing to shoot. Your finger should not be on the trigger.


  3. Nice hearing from you Ryan, and have my apology if I has excessively harsh (but you know, according to Murphy's laws, things break exactly when you need them working).

    If OpenShot gets packaged for Fedora I will definitely give it a serious try and if I will like it enough probably use that instead of Kdenlive.

  4. @wakko: stay cool, those are toys, plastic airsoft guns. And not even the plastic bails used in airsoft were not loaded into the gun.