09 March 2010

Fedora Webcomic, F13 Alpha Special: Goddard

Very few followed my riddle and to my knowledge nobody guessed the answer, but the time has come for the first part of the trilogy, today the day for the Fedora 13 Alpha release.

fedora webcomic: goddard

It was not hard at all, the riddle was "the first one is titled just like a name" and its answer "Goddard", as in the rocket scientist and the F13 codename. The next one, "is about trekish cannon-fodder" is slightly harder, but still trivial for any respectable geek.

Now gotta run, I have a localised announcement to write...


  1. may i put your lates issues fedora 13 comic to my blog?
    my name is Irwin Lawrencius. My FAS : lawrencius.
    thanks before.


  2. the comic is released as Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike, so you can use you use it in *any way* permitted by this license

  3. It's so nice to finally see your comic alive again :)

    BTW, I didn't know Jono wears earrings *g*

  4. That guy is deliberately made to not look like Jono much (see his hair...) as I think Jono is a really cool guy.