04 November 2010

...and we celebrated Ceata

It happened yesterday: Ceata celebrated its second anniversary holding an event at the The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, so here is a short report: we had a few presentations - general introduction about who is Ceata and what we want (Tibi), a definition about Linux (me), an introduction to OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice (Răzvan), a few words about CreativeCommons licenses (me again), all of those linked together by our wonderful host (Irina) and supported technically by Andrei. It ended with a short Free movie from the Blender Foundation.

ceata ceata ceata ceata ceata ceata ceata

We managed to gather a number of students in the audience, with some of them completely unfamiliar with the world of Free and Open Source Software:
ceata ceata ceata ceata

It, of course, ended with socialisation, beers and good time at a nearby pub:
ceata ceata ceata ceata ceata

As a honest evaluation, I don't call the event a success, we didn't have the audience which I setted for myself as a threshold for calling it so, but won't call it a failure either, we had a presence in a new place, an event organized by a new contributor, nothing really bad happened...let say it was OK and conforming with my expectations.

Let me try to end this in a funny way, showing how two of our colleagues (Irina and Eugen) saw the party after in a drawing (myself, I still can't draw):
ceata party

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