08 November 2010

Vodafone stormed by Androids

For quite a while the TV channels are bombarded with commercials (good thing I only watch very little TV) for various phones which have touted as ultimate feature the Android operating system but today I saw something that made me smile: received from Vodafone a quite spammy-but-not-realy-spam presentation (I am the official contact inside our company, they are a big communications provider for us) about they introducing the Samsung Galaxy TAB in the offer.

Usually I read such mails directly with the "Delete" key, but this time being an Android device I was curious enough to read it, wanted to see the price and put in perspective with the epected wave of Chinese devices (that would probably be the time to evaluate a purchase for me).

And reading the presentation (PDF not PPT!!!) I saw something that made my day a little better: on the page outlining the advantages over iPad they have (translation mine): "Open development environment allowing for more freedom for user application usage". Yay!

android @ vodafone


  1. right :) I keep confusing the iCraps, corrected, thanks!

  2. Atenție, singurul (cred) producător de telefoane Android care nu plătește „taxă de protecție” la Microsoft e Motorola !

  3. @Razvan: esti sigur ca de exemplu Huawei plateste? Parca si pe Acer/Asus i-a dat MS in judecata pentru ca n-au vrut sa plateasca taxa.

    Nu-s prea convins de Motorola, citisem ca noilemodele se brickuiesc daca vrei sa le rootezi si nu poti instala ce Android vrei tu pe ele.