09 November 2010

I am not a designer

Last week for Ceata's anniversary I had to deliver a couple of presentations and when they were ready I did a sanity-check with a friend from the community. The feedback received was like that (she should know I won't get upset even with reactions like "it totally sucks"):

tatica: downloading
nicubunu: the slides are quite simple, i am counting on my personal charm :D :D :D
tatica: hahahah that's enough
nicubunu: they are short and easy, i will have 10 minutes for each
tatica: I like it
tatica: but you need to add more style to it u_U
tatica: you're a designer....
nicubunu: nah... that's enough. i won't work more on them
nicubunu: and i am not a designer.... i only do graphics and photography
nicubunu: and i hate the designers that ruined the experience of me using many apps
tatica: hahahahahahahhaha
nicubunu: :)
tatica: then add some "graphics" and "phptographs"
tatica: people like to see draws... no letters
tatica: you know it better than me :P
tatica: you....
tatica: SYSADMIN!
nicubunu: i tried to add a picture in every slide
nicubunu: but won't bother with fancy backgrounds or so
tatica: lol
I have to acknowledge, the slides were bare, which I don't have a problem with (I hate slides shouting "Martetroid") and... I had my own things to care about than prettify a presentation. Considering that, probably neither the "personal charm" part didn't work, but that is at least recorded on video, so easier to judge. But I digress, the executive summary here is me not considering myself a designer.


  1. hahahaha you should ask for help... YOU SYSADMIN!!!!!

  2. you think you will make me cry by insulting me like that?

    the reality i can make pretty slides, but, for various reasons, i chose not to.