01 November 2010

Ceata two years anniversay in ASE

For the two years anniversary Ceata is planning something bold: an event with presetnations about free technologies and free arts at the The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, a bastion of closed source and proprietary technologies (they are pretty much in Microsoft's pockets). I guess we are kind of crazy, but were is the fun if you don't aim for high goals and tough challenges?

Come with us, I hope it will be fun, we will have a few presentations (I will bore the audience with a general introduction about Linux and a general introduction about Creative Commons licenses which will complete a program with Tibi talking about Ceata, Razvan about OpenOffice.org and Doru about AplixERP) but also one or two short films from the Blender Foundation and some beer after.

The full program of the event (and the ways you can help) is available on the wiki. Join us on Wednesday, 3 November 2010 in the 2013 hall, Virgil Madgearu building, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.


  1. Yesterday rsandu and myself had a prolonged and heated discussion about this event on the RLUG Linkedin discussion forum.
    I basically object strongly to giving Aplix a platform to promote their corporate interests.
    That is because Aplix is a company that doesn't want to be burdened with the responsibilities of building a community.
    They create a very high barrier to forking their project.
    AplixERP is therefore essentially GPL'd but de-facto-non-free software.
    No wonder Aplix is the kind of company that loves eLiberatica, the conference that doesn't liberate anyone from anything.
    Yesterday's Linkedin discussion between rsandu and myself ended with me making the following point.
    We as a community are going to stand in front of an audience who comes from a frame of mind of downloading and installing freeware without encountering artificial barriers.
    And we are going to have the following dialog.
    Audience: So Ubuntu can be downloaded and installed free of charge without asking Mark Shuttleworth or Linus Torvalds for permission ???
    We: YES !!!
    Audience: And LibreOffice can be downloaded and installed free of charge without asking The Document Foundation for permission ???
    We: YES !!!
    Audience: And AplixERP can be downloaded and installed free of charge without asking Aplix Corporation for permission ???
    (... uncomfortable silence ...)

  2. @Dan: it was not my decision but the decision of Ceata's leadership to accept that presentation. I know there were a number of concerns and Tibi talked with Doru Ilasi about them... read more about this at http://liste.ceata.org/pipermail/galceava/2010-October/009688.html

    I am a simple contributor here, with no decision power, so please raise any issue with Tibi Turbureanu.

  3. @Dan Free software is not freeware and so the audience should know/find out. :-)

    We have been notified AplixERP is being liberated and so we gave it a chance to get promoted as such. The repo will be made public (not that it was necessarily to become free of charge) at the event.

    Maybe is a change of heart in AplixERP distribution. Please come at our anniversary and find more.

  4. Alright.
    I will free my schedule for that evening and come to the event.

  5. Promovare, all free, căci aşa trebe: http://marketing.fitzeshop.com/forum/thread-247.html - să sperăm că vei avea parte de "cvorum". Succes !

  6. @Desen Venim azi prin facultate să lipim afișe și să împărțim fluturași. Sunt colegi de-ai tăi care știu despre eveniment?