30 January 2007


I am bummed: a lot of people (according to my logs) clicked and visited my Jump out of GIMP tutorial but I failed to determine them to follow with they own creations. I suspect the example was not compelling enough, so here is another one, a better one I hope.

I guess this will ease my job: I have in mind at least a couple more lessons, each of them posing serious troubles, but in the absence of some follow-ups I think I may drop them. This what I had in mind:

  • A GIMP lesson for touching-up photos and correcting portraits. I have a perfect picture picture, some good ideas about how to process it but I have interdiction to post it on the 'net

  • A face drawing lesson in Inkscape. I have raw materials, I have experience in doing this but it takes a lot of motivation and patience

I think I will contemplate a couple of days about making more tutorials.

Note: (for those in the know) Today is Marti and nothing is better than a good old headache :D


  1. It's a great tutorial, but it's not something you might use daily. Give it some time and people will dig into it.
    As for the other howto's, "if you build it, they will come". ;)

    P.S. Aspirina si-un Murfatalar? :D
    P.P.S. Damn capthcas! Hasn't Blogger heard of Akismet yet?

  2. Ovidiu, I temporarly dissabled the captchas, if I will be overhelmed by spam will turn it on again.

    Si nu, nu e durere de cap de la Murfatlar :p