03 January 2007

Inkscape "About" screen

 Is there something wrong with me if I do not find any of the proposals for the Inkscape 0.45 "About" screen good enough? A lot of people say "amazing", "awesome", "nice" or "cool". (yes, that was a rhetoric question, I know there is something wrong with me).

BTW, about the new year, happy thoughts and all the associated bullshit, here is my stance (update: unrelated to Inkscape):


  1. Hm... am I the only one who thinks the picture in the second part of this post answers the first part of this post?

    I know *I've* always wanted to release software with a picture of me in the About box, flipping everyone off.

  2. You're not alone. Most of those pictures seem amateurish to me. They're either not suitable in style (for a vector drawing program), are short of good ideas or simply consist of some elements randomly thrown together without proper regard for visual consistency (colours, shapes, fonts, textures...). The authors apparently don't have much experience in good-quality graphical design, they didn't THINK about it hard enough.