05 January 2007

Satanic Fedora

I am fully aware this break a lot of guidelines and I do NOT think even for a second to propose it as a concept for Fedora themes.
I guess it is good to use next time when someone call our themes "dark, satanic, gothic, death metal and futuristic" as a comparison so I can reply: "Look, this is dark, satanic, gothic, death metal".

satanic fedora

Source available on my Fedora Wallpapers page (do not try to render it with Firefox 2.0).

Note: Abusive use of blur really pushes the edges of Inkscape develpment branch, a very serious hit on performance.


  1. couldn't you use circular gradients instead of blur here?
    i think that blur is useful, but many times circular gradient is good enough. blur is only enough if you want to get a "blur" effect for every letter of a word for instance.

    like make "fedora" blur. but for making a circle blur, circular gradient (color in the center, transparency on the outset) is good enough IMHO (and much faster).

  2. Sure, most of the blur effects could be faked, but I could not stop playing with this brand new Inkscape feature.

  3. If your gonna call something satanic at least get your imagery right. Your pentagram is completely wrong. Do some research would ya.

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