18 January 2007

Open Art Communities with Romanians

This is a follow-up to my previous post about the dumbfucks at OpenArt.ro.

Here is a list of really Open true Communities of Romanian artists:

Sure thing, the large majority of people on deviantART are photographers, because this is the most accessible type of art, but there are a lot of other artists.

  • if you are an Romanian artist, there are a lot of better and more open communities, think where you want to be

  • if you are a dumbfuck at OpenArt.ro look and learn what a community is and what is the meaning of Open

A funny project for someone with too much time on his hands would be to buy a domain like OpenOpenArt.ro or ReallyOpenArt.ro, drop a ccHost install on it with a Romanian translation and have an instant Open Community free for all Romanians to join.

Maybe I am to harsh with that obscure web design company making a poor site probably for some minor local prize or for a quick buck from some non-profit.

Update: as this is is of interest mostly for the Romanian readers, I did a Romanian translation.

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