31 January 2007

Bill Gates in Romania and more tutorials to come

puzzleA new tutorial under way

I said the other day that I am bummed by a less-than-expected reaction to my previous GIMP tutorial, but it seems I can't stop making more. At least as long as I still have raw materials (I have fresh pictures only for a couple more tutorials).

I have a new one underway (previewed here) about how to make jigsaw puzzle pieces from a photo. The work is more than half done: the image is ready, screenshots are taken, I have only to polish the screenshots, write the text, make the html and put it on the server. It will be another heavy tutorial (20 screenshots), so I have to put the pictures again is an external storage (picassaweb), as my current hosting can't deal with it (note to self: I really should change my hosting solution soon). I hope to have the tutorial online by Friday, just in time for the week-end.

Bill Gates in Romania

This usually should be a non-event, but is sickening to see all the press (newspapers, radio, TV) praising "the first visit in Romania of the richest man in the world", just like a few years ago at the first visit of the Pope.

The authorities react at about the same level: they finally removed the Christmas/New Year lights from the city center only to replace them with Windows Vista lighting logos. Yeah, the national sport around here seems to be kissing a$$.

He will open a support center, will celebrate 10 years of Microsoft presence in Romania and will launch MS Vista, MS Office 2007 and MS Exchange Server 2007.

I have no penguin costume and I am not aware of any flashmob organized for this opportunity, so the best thing I can think of doing was to update an old drawing of mine with the Vista logo and put it on my blog in celebration:

ms vista


  1. Iti urmaresc blogul de ceva timp, si-mi place sa citesc parerile conationalilor entuziasti de Linux si de open source.

    Cu Bill Gates, este simplu ... este acelasi fenomen ca atunci cand se aduna taranii la orice eveniment ce-l include pe Gigi Becali ... poate, poate le pica de-o mamaliga.

    Numai bine,

    PS: imi plac tutorialele tale

  2. Da, stiu de ce se inghesuie taranii ca boii la asemenea evenimente, motiv in plus pentru mine sa protestez...

    Merci pentru aprecierea cu privire la tutoriale.

  3. Hehe, am mai vazut o poza din New York cu cineva imbracat intr-un costum galben si tinand o pancarta anti-vista. :)

    Cat despre pupincurismul romanesc, poti citi o chestie si mai amuzanta aici.

  4. Oh Boy!
    I loved this one... hehehehe