23 January 2008

Uploading to OCAL is killing me...

So the time has come: the set is done, it have to be uploaded to the Open Clip Art Library. Unfortunately by hand, one by one, the full color image, the outline and a PNG thumbnail.
Question again: what are the computers build for? By any chance to help us automate repetitive tasks? Anyone wonders why I hesitate re-uploading my images (some hundreds) from the old site? Look at the pretty screencast (2.8MB, Ogg Theora) and multiply the operation with 50 (the number of images I have to upload):


Php coders badly needed... anyone available?


  1. A bit of work needed, but I have a sample WWW:Mechanize listing on my blog. HTH.

  2. Yes, there are workarounds, but the proper solution wouldn't be to get two much-needed features into ccHost (what we are using for the website): automatic thumbnail creation and batch upload?
    We have over 7.000 (yes, seven thousands) images from the old website and no way to easily import them...

  3. Client side answers may be the best you're gonna get Nicu. There has been a crippling bug on OCAL for many months that essentially puts road blocks into any browsing. Every bad link I find I post as a bug report and still, for months, no one who can fix it has addressed it. 1600 uploads all manually. I feel your pain.

  4. Nicu...contact me if you want a PHP coder, and maybe I can help.

    abu UNDERSCORE hurayrah ATT hidayahonline DOTT org

    (replace CAPS with something appropriate for an e-mail...;))

  5. If anyone wants to help the project, is welcomed on our mailing list.

  6. I can help, can you detail the problem... and some of those old images to try. And I need and account for that, but I can handle it. I like OCAL and want to contribute, and Im good at scripting too. My mailing address is cemkalyoncu at google
    Cem Kalyoncu

  7. Then please join out mailing list http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/clipart and will find all the needed info.