05 June 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: How to break a world record

Everybody likes to set a clever publicity stunt when doing a release and for FF3 which will be (or for some of us already is) a major the Fedora guys are planning to break a Guinness World Record:

[fedora webcomic Firefox 3 world record]

For me this is a kind of moral dilemma: I want to help a bit spreading FF3, but I don't want to lie, all my machines running FF3 will receive it either as an yum update or as an FF3 automatic update (from RC to final), depending on the OS, therefore not counted by their system. What do you do, pledge or not?


  1. Guiness World Records are stupid things for immature people.

    Aiming for a record download of FF3 is much more stupid than anything I would have expected from the Ubuntu crowd!

    It's just... it's not from Ubuntu.

    I knew that Americans are having the maturity of a 5-y.o. kid, but I wasn't expecting such a [censored].

  2. I don't think this is aimed at Ubuntu.

    I would expect the downloaders to be Windows/OSX users.

  3. Feel good that the number of Linux downloaders is nearly statistically insignifcant? I'm not pledging, just for the reasons you mention...

  4. what the fuck this have to do with ubuntu trolls??

  5. @beranger: but they have to do some publicity stunt and I guess all publicity stunts are stupid...

    @anonymous: Ubuntu? What Ubuntu?

    @mvpittman: the FF downlaod pledge is at the moment at 831,677... I am not sure if the update will be backported to F8, but if so, that is about 2,450,307 more updated (data from our yum usage stats, that is 3 times more! and all not counted...). If not, they can count at least 217,190 updates (install stats on the first 3 weeks of F9).
    Count some other distros and breaking the world record would be a piece of cake...

  6. I pledge for 'wget http://link/to/ff3/tarball.tar.bz2 -O /dev/null' .. that ought to do it .. :P

    ( hey, they are counting downloads, not download-n-use .. \o/ .. hehehe )