24 June 2008

May I take this photo?

Saturday, in our trip to Cluj, after the presentation and the party ended we still had a few hours to spend, so we went to the Botanical Garden.

Cactus: sharp thorns
Close-up to a cactus

As the entrance, we had to pay a small tax, 4 RON (a little over 1 EUR) but to be allowed to take photos, an additional tax of 20 RON (or five times the entrance ticket) was needed. Figuring there is no way the tax is worth the amount of pictures we can take, we went tu put our cameras (4 of us had cameras) in the backpack.
Then the cashier noticed and told us the price has to be paid only if you take commercial photos and we do not have to pay for personal photos, so we went ahead (guessing the lady is not familiar with "Intellectual Property").
Japaneese Garden
a Japanese garden

After passing beyond the gate I raised the question (but nobody in the group played along): it is non-commercial use if I will put the photos on my blog, where I also display AdSense? And an additional question: are those photos compatible with my CC-BY-SA license or should I re-license my blog as CC-BY-NC-SA? (I am not going to do that, NC means "non-Free").
Photographing the photographer... and some legs in between
is Nicu shooting Alex taking a close-up of a strawberry
or is he shooting the girls sitting on the bench?


  1. /me thinks Nicu is photographing the girls ;-)

  2. wouldn't you do the same?

  3. i find that if you don't ask, you don't get in trouble, when it comes to the little things. ;)