06 June 2008

How to make a screencast

I told you already that today I am in a screencasts creation frenzy, so here is one more, a screencast about creating screencasts with Istanbul (this one inspired by a talk on the Fedora marketing list):

[create screencasts]


  1. I notice there was a bit of a lag:

    1) when you were drawing the happy face , etc

    2) When you were choosing the font from the drop down

    Could you please post what hardware you are running and if it includes a designated Video card? and if so what kind and are you using a binary driver?


  2. I just have one question, how do you propose non-Linux users watch the videos?

    I'm running into this problem. Showing friends/family how to switch to Fedora, however, I have to do the ogg thru mencoder to avi switch. Not a problem, just curious if you have another solution.

  3. @anonymous: the problem is Istanbul... it uses a high compression ration which is quite a lot of CPU intensive. For a much smoother experience one can use gtk-RecordMyDesktop with video quality at 100%.
    As for my hardware specs -on boaard Intel graphics, but it is all about CPU and compressing the video.

  4. @brett: put your friends/family on VLC on Windows, is much better as a general purpose video player (will play anything you throw at it, including OGG Theora). That until Firefox will be able to play OGG Theora out-of-the box, we need videos on this format to help the Mozilla guys with the initiative.