19 June 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Webcomics War

The regular readers of Planet Fedora probably noticed a new (and very cool) webcomic K3RNEL from Mexico. Some competition for this webcomic.

[fedora webcomic: war]

Of course nodoby is going to war, I know they have a mighty army, so will just claim the two webcomics have completely different styles, formats, stories, graphics and both can live happily together.

Make fun not war!


  1. Hey Nicu!

    I really appreciate your linkback to my site, and loved the comic. Been a huge fan of your artwork for some time now.

    My original goal was to start my comic back in Feb, but things got pushed back and ended up debutting in April 28 (Loading K3RNEL v1.0)

    The goal of K3RNEL isn't to make people laugh, but to teach them about some things that happen in Fedora, and some action/adventure stuff for the kids to keep on reading! :P

    That said, you made me modify the 8th comic, watch out for it! :P

    Now, as for K3RNEL P@N1C....

  2. Ha, ha! I am watched :p

    I appreciate at your comic that it is planed, with an evolving story, with continuity... I do exactly the opposite: create something on the spot, sometime just in the day I am supposed to go publishing, some time a bit in advance.

    I also appreciate you have a team, with someone taking charge of the story and someone working of the graphics. I imagine you have a lot of fun working together.