25 June 2009

Berlin arrival

We (me and IonuČ›) arrived in Berlin for FUDCon yesterday evening, at about 18:00 (the plane has a small delay)

Berlin Tegel Airport

We decided to walk to the hotel, since it is not far away from the airport, about 30 minutes
Street walk

And the decision proved to be a good one, near a huge park we had the awesome opportunity to admire the local fauna/wild life, there were a lot of bunnies

At the hotel we meet Mo, Spot and Jesse and got together for a nice Indian dinner
Dinning: Indian food

I also tried some local beer and liked it:

As a funny anecdote, on the route to the restaurant we meet a different kind of local fauna, a few working girls and almost got into a fight with then, they were angry about Mo taking photos in the area but somehow didn't have any problems with me doing the same thing - this must be yet another side effect of me having a much bigger camera
Working girls

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