28 June 2009

FUDCon crazy nights

I teased before about some fun adventures after the second FUDCon day, so it's the time to deliver my promise: in the front of the hotel there it was a large crowd from which were standing out a lot of nice looking girls dressed like for a fancy event. No way that would be related to FUDCon or LinuxTag, they were attending some kind of reception and we had to mix with them on the route to our rooms:

geeks vs girls

Learning it was a high school party, so part of them were potentially underage was not the real stopper, but the bad light and my shyness (being shy is my main flaw as a photographer, where the rule for taking photos of people is like: go as close to them as so feel comfortable and then take two more steps closer). So I didn't feel like lighting my flash and shooting left and right, but with the help of my long lens and most importantly with some support from Franceso, with whom I stroke a deal to ask the girls to pose with him, I managed to grab a few:
<geeks vs girls geeks vs girls geeks vs girls geeks vs girls

Then I went with a group of people to the eastern part of the city for a dinner, and learnet a lesson: don't go to eat to a place called Habana, the advice is even stronger if you are hungry:
don't eat there

No matter how nice the waitress is, or how fruitier the fancy drinks are
cute waitress Drinks Drinks

It does not matter if the food is good or bad, no matter the free shots at the end as an excuse, no matter they don't charge for the appetizers they forgot to bring to the table for over an hour, if it takes that long to get the food (I think it was about two hours), then it does not matter anymore.
food food

Oh, and forgot about the waitresses, hookers, high school girls and stuff, we decided what was the sexiest thing at this conference: our mighty leader. The sunglasses are definitely the final touch:
Fearless leader

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