30 June 2009


Much to my amusement, for the return from FUDCon I got the plane seat numbered 13:

Plane ticket: seath number 13

And somewhat I can say I was unlucky about that, IonuČ› got the window seat, so I couldn't stare at the cloud formations all the way. But this was not that bad, I got to stay next to a pretty girl with hazel hair and big, green eyes (sorry, no photos for you :D)

Then I got back to the shitty city of Bucharest: dog-days, traffic jams, construction works in the middle of the roads and so on (still there is a small positive impact over the way the streets are looking due to the excessive heat, but again, no photos for you :D)
Shitty Bucharest Shitty Bucharest

On a positive note, my dog was very happy to see me again, she was alone in the backyard with a pile of food and a reserve of water for about 5 days:
My dog

And then the 13 kicked-in: a phone call and I learned about the first job I have after returning to the office: setup a Vista computer, buy MS Office for it and shit like that. Way to go... At least I can give a try to the Fedora Live CD on the machine (an HP TouchSmart). After 5 minutes (don't have much time to play with it), the touch screen and wireless do not work OOTB, the webcam does.
Running Fedora 11 Running Fedora 11

Probably to celebrate my return, my co-workers decided to have for lunch a traditional Romanian meal: mici with mustard, French fries, salad and, of course, (hopefully my boss does not read this :D) beer.
Mici + potatos + mustard + beer Mici + potatos + mustard + beer

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