27 June 2009

Panda story or getting stuff done

First it should be mentioned no human is responsible for all those thing, it was the panda who got drunk early in the morning ans started impersonating Mo, so it wasn't her and I was not involved in any way.

Drunken panda
panda getting drunk

So the first move of the drunk panda, Mo impersonator, was to inkscape a FUDCon poster (he also invented the verb "to inkscape"):
making the poster
the poster

To have the madness complete, Hello Kitty joined the party:
Hello Kitty aid
Hello Kitty popping in

And the next move was a making-of video of the poster creation (complete with title and credit screen and catchy soundtrack):
making the video
the video

You know a panda has fingers? Of course he has, so he can get carried away and show them in reply to wise-ass comments (so be warned):
panda fingers

Of course all this was possible with the valuable contribution of a lot of nice chevaliers, ready to jump at any moment and help a panda in distress:
panda helpers

Disclaimer: this post was fuelled only by cranberry juice provided by the hotel's breakfast service.

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