13 October 2009

Asses and sharks

In case you missed my [bad] sense of humour, here is a quick drawing (mouse, inkscape and less than 5 minutes). If you didn't miss it, safely skip this post.

asses and sharks

Indeed, she was driven away from planet (did we become such an unfriendly place?) and, without you knowing, she is putting out beach photos.


  1. Nicu, Tatica is by no means banned from Planet Fedora at all. In fact, she has a new post today that made it to the feed. What is going on is a tiny fraction of people complained about her 365 Project and how it was "spamming" the feed. With that said, she grew tired of it and stopped sending those posts to Planet Fedora. The rest are still showing up :).

  2. Yes, I know, I talked with her at length about this and managed for a while to convince her to keep posting.