19 October 2009

One year of Ceata

Sunday a number of contributors meet for the one year anniversary of Ceata, an organization founded by a few students to promote Free technologies and arts (FLOSS), so it was an awesome opportunity to get together.

some of us

We had some surprises and it was frustrating for me to know weeks in advance about some cool [I think] personalised T-shirt designs made for a few key-contributors and not talk about them, so here are them:
alexxed bogdan cata cristi laur marius nicu ret tibi

Those were based on representative quotes carefully selected by Tibi from the mailing list, a rough sketch developed together by me and Tibi, with me doing the "polished" graphics:
intitial sketch

Then after a huge effort to find an usable print shop, we managed to get to the final "products":
we and our drawings

For me, they selected as a representative quote "Eu am primit 4 imbratisari de la 3 zine" (English: "I got 4 hugs from 3 fairies"), which is supposed to show the reald dreamer I am, it was seconded by a close candidate "Fedora 11 - zeite, voinici, spartani" (English: "Fedora 11 - goddesses, heroes, spartans") which lost by being locked in time to a certain version of the distribution.
nicu ceata
me, readying to wear my mark

Of course, everything was sealed in the most traditional style with mulled wine (hell, is autumn already, with cold, endless rain):
mulled wine
is the time for mulled wine

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