12 October 2009

Eye photography

Saddened to learn how negative feedback and unpleasant members of the community drove tatica out of planet with her photography project, I am stubborn enough to continue posting photography stuff. I have a few friends in the community who will be totally jealous for my latest experience.

Last weekend, working on a half-commercial project (got no money, waived no ownership) for a friend who has a small online store selling cosmetic contact lenses I had the opportunity to learn how close (in a literal sense) is the phrase "I can see the world in your eyes" used by guys to impress girls (ops! I said "guys" and "girls"!)

world in eye

My friend is trying an interesting experiment: usually the websites selling cosmetic contact lenses use really bad (in GIF format, WTF) and heavily photoshopped) images, so a buyer can't set his/her expectations right, does not know what will get. So he is putting a bet on honesty, showing the unaltered truth.
lot of eyes

Beyond the artistic and technical part, we are debating the legalese: I am a huge adept of sharing and Free licenses and he has an opposite point of view, coming from and industry where nobody has any shame in stealing and reusing the photos. So in the end probably the photos will get to the public only at small resolution and bearing watermarks, something making me uncomfortable.


  1. Please do not stop posting this things! I love it!

  2. @jsimon: i am just sadedned Tatica stopped due to negative feedback

  3. don't be sorry man, you do a fine piece of work!
    keep up with this!

  4. so I'm happy with your posts and this should not keep you from posting pictures like the above - but wow all those eyes strung together like that are creeping me out.

  5. @skvidal: yeah, i didn't realize that until i got another complaint about this image being nauseatic. that wasn't my intention, maybe i should have used 7 different bands of eyes instead, not something that compact

  6. I think it's a bit like "the walls have ears" only now they have eyes instead.