27 October 2009

It's raining FLOSS conferences

If a while ago I thought there is very little of it, now it seems FLOSS conferences show in Romania like the mushrooms after a rain: first this year was eLiberatica, which this year made some steps in the right direction, towards community and openness, but still remain a commercial event.

Then FLOSSCamp, very fun, open and informal, but still a kind of conference.

Now, this week Bucharest is taking place LOAD, which smells like an incestuous way for some local distributor to milk money from a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor.

Next, for December is expected BLUG*OS*CON, which is new, at the first edition, so only the time will tell about it (I will be there, expect a report).

And this is not all, I know at least two other groups having on their agenda a „national FLOSS conference”. Isn't this a bit too much? I believe the natural evolution is supposed to filter this on the long term and promote quality over quantity.


  1. FOSS seems so fancy ;)

    Fedora will have his first presence in hungary next weekend - hope it will be good


  2. jsimon, good look with the Hungarian conference! write and show photos about it.

  3. Hi Nicu,

    What are the two other groups that have on their agenda a national FLOSS conference?
    I'm interested in attending those conferences.
    As a Linux enthusiast, I personally have a strong preference for attending "technical education"-style conferences, as opposed to ones that aim to explain the "why" of free software. The "why" conferences are necessary of course, but often times they end up "preaching to the choir".

  4. @Dan: one of the topics talked this summer at FLOSSCamp (as well as last summer) was this, a large national conference.
    Also, years ago RLUG used to have something like this and it may happen again when the stars will get aligned (read: resources)

    I think the best chance would be if a number of organisations would make an alliance for such a project and hold together a really large event.

  5. IMO, there are too many people willing to appear on national TV giving interviews and too few interested in actually building communities.

    But maybe I'm just a little bitter and not in sync with the way things actually work...

  6. @rpetre: for better or worse, the ego is one of the main drives for people getting involved in FLOSS

  7. True, but sadly most people try to eat their cake before they have it (to further abuse a worn proverb). But I'll stop before I turn into the grumpy bystander and see what happens next.