22 October 2009

Give back my icons

To have the party complete, after you installed Fedora 12 [beta] you most likely will want some eye candy back (it was removed during this release cycle), so the first thing you way want to do is to restore beauty/sanity by changing one or two GConf entries:

fedora icons back

So check menus_have_icons and your icons are back, not only in applications but most importantly in Places and System. Being at it, you may consider scrolling up a bit to buttons_have_icons and cancel the uglification of various dialogs.

Then you can enjoy F12.


  1. Why, you're not supposed to want them!

    Do you want to upset J5 @RHAT? You know he can call people names!

    When GNOME3 is released, you'll have to manually change dozens and dozens of default settings -- the best proof that GNOME3 is aimed at morons.

  2. Wow, thanks for that. I thought the applications' menu losing their icons was a bug (which will be fixed).

  3. @Béranger: no this time is upstream GNOME and mclasen.

    @Anonymous: unfortunately, this is by design.

  4. Of course it's upstream! -- did I say anything else?!

  5. This mean it probably is the same in Ubuntu, Novell etc.

  6. Opinions from those who actually -like- the change seem to be underrepresented.

  7. Strangely, I don't see the "Interface" tab on my Fedora install, so the easiest way seems using the registry^W^W GConf.

  8. Another great "design decision" of the GNOME guys... after (in chronological order)
    - dropping good window managers for metacity (middle click for vertical window maximization, anyone?)
    - devastating GDM (no more username/password text fields replaced by non-removable face browser), saying it was "work in progress" (and nothing changed since then) and moving the few configuration options into gconf where they are hard to access
    - removing functionality from the F11 volume control (fortunately this was fixed in time for the F11 final release)
    and a couple of other irritating issues that I can't remember now...