25 May 2009

Conclusions to eLiberatica

There are already a lot of links to one of my groups photos with all the communities together, but thanks to Alex, this one has notes, labelling all the participants:

eLiberatica 2009: FOSS communities

Our booth could have used a couple more posters, we had some empty space on its walls, IMO it was above average, not as nice as Mozilla's, but miles away from the wasteland at Sun (RIP). Our matching T-shirts made an impression and gave about 200 LiveCDs. We could have used some more stickers: a lot of people asked if we have (seeing some on the booth's walls), but having only a few sheets, we decided to keep them hidden and gave only to some contributors, to a few pretty girls (who asked for stickers) and to Danese Cooper, thinking they are well placed (strategically) on Open Source Diva's laptop.

eLiberatica 2009: selling Fedora

We used the opportunity and befriended with other communities, like Ceata and OpenSUSE (with Ubuntu and GSL we are in contact for a longer time but they to not take well our jokes). And, as you can see below, from the OpenSUSE guys Fedora and Ubuntu receive equal treatment:

eLiberatica 2009: OpenSUSE and Fedora eLiberatica 2009: OpenSUSE and Ubuntu

Now some thanks are in order, a lot of people contributed (directly or indirectly) to this event: Joerg, who had the initiative for participation, Max, who sent me CDs and T-shirt (they also provided funding and sponsorship), Tatica who made one of the posters we were using and a nice 3D animation we had on loop on one laptop, Mo who created the other poster, Ian, the creator of the business cards template and generator (we were giving those like crazy) and, of course, the participants: our star speaker Jeroen and the local community: Adrian, Ionut and Alexandru.

eLiberatica: kanarip eLiberatica 2009: I want YOU eLiberatica 2009: Fedora secret sign eLiberatica 2009: Alexxed


  1. It looks like the Fedora gang sign is getting popular. :)

  2. And you haven't seen it all. We are developing a movie to :)

  3. Like I said in the previous post here it is : Fedora Gang Sign - The movie : http://adrian.fedoraproject.ro/~eLiberatica/Fedora_4F.ogg in Theora format or Flash format - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OGx_ggKkws