14 May 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Queue

Tracking Rawhide you should be running F11 already... are you?

[fedora webcomic: queue]


  1. The developers should've kept the release at May 26... Those buttholes.

    P.S. Why are there no people of color in this comic?

  2. It is somewhat of a tradition for Fedora releases to be delayed at least one week...

    My characters are usually white because:
    - living in the Eastern Europe, almost all people around me are white, so is natural to me to create this way;
    - the people if Fedora I work day to day are, AFAIK, white;
    - I am not in the "political correctness" stuff like in the US movies, where a character must be black, even if it does not make sense for the story (like in a fairy tale).

    With this said, I had an exception when it hat fit the story.