06 May 2009


Since a few weeks when Rahul started packaging Gnote for both Rawhide and F10, I became a huge fan of the application, it does everything I needed from Tomboy and its author has frequent releases, with lot of features added and bugs fixed (the 0.3.1 release crossed the threshold for me). On top of that, I was able to remove the Mono stack from my computer (has using it exclusively for Tomboy), I am more Free now.



  1. I was never able to get used with this kind of notes (Tomboy or Gnote, whatever), but I've been recently recommended RedNotebook (at http://rednotebook.sf.net/ or http://digitaldump.wordpress.com/projects/rednotebook/).

    It looks interesting and it even supports tag clouds for your notes!

  2. I don't use it as a diary, but instead of a piece of paper I would scribble on, when I have to write down something which I *may* need at another time. Without Gnote/Tomboy I would most likely use some text files in a folder.

  3. Thanks for the news about it being added to the repositories, I was waiting that day to execute "yum remove mono-core"

  4. @Robert: it is in the repositories for a few weeks already, but only after 0.3.1 (I think this update was not pushed yet, I took it from Koji) it works as an applet.