07 May 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Reign

Not sure if you are aware, the slogan for Fedora 11 was selected to be "Reign".

[fedora webcomic: reign]

Yet another week when I had two competing ideas, the other one was about a magician "abracadabra... presto!" pulling some tiny packaged from his hat, the public is unimpressed, then he "abracadabra... presto!" again and the packages grow huge. The public is in awe, wanting this feature "yesterday" but is saddened to hear they hare too young and have to wait at least 6 months more for that. Some considered this funnier, but my choice was to make a statement.


  1. We're still working on deltarpms for F11. Perhaps you could stop being inflammatory and wait and see what happens.

  2. "Make the default desktop suck" is really a bit exaggerated!

  3. Here's some food for thought.

    I've been putting Fedora on a LOT peoples computers lately. And I've come to the conclusion that We ( Linux enthusiasts ) are not like the average windows computer user. NOT AT ALL! NOT ONE LITTLE BIT! And furthermore, Gnome is NOT polished enough to be thinking of moving to a All New 3.

    After observing first-hand these 'average windows computer users' seemingly endless frustration with using Fedora/Gnome I was beginning to believe that they are all idiots.

    But they can't all be. The problem is that WE think differently and work around 'problems' with enthusiasm. We don't see the desktop as a bunch of buttons/icons but as the buttons/icons representing something deeper as we visualize the whole infrastructure of the OS. To the average win user, they are just buttons to click. They don't think much about it and maybe never will.

    Case in point. I was supporting one of my "customers" over the phone, and I told them to ( from gnome ) system->shutdown->restart. What this person did was again hit the restart from the login screen ( since there is an option to restart from the login screen also ), this "loop" went on and on and on until I figured out what they were doing. Remember I was on the phone so I couldn't see them .

    This type of non-thinking behaviour is more the norm than otherwise, and until Gnome/KDE/whatever/linux/etc addresses this idiotic trait of human nature i'm afraid it'll be a cold day in hell before linux really takes off

  4. I'd like to think it's pretty healthy that our community can poke fun at itself from time to time. Unfortunately (?), Nicu has dated himself since the presto feature is going to be in Fedora 11 after all. :-)

  5. All's well that ends well... we will have DeltaRPMs, the mixer flame seems to be cooling down, F11 is shaping nicely.