15 May 2009

Little snail

Usually I post such stuff only on my photoblog, but this series has a community-oriented story: Mola showed his photo of a snail, which made me to feel the urge to show my own view on the subject. For the "decisive moment" I had to wait a bit over one month, until today: a warm, sunny morning, following a night with heavy rains, the perfect opportunity for the snails to get out.

Snail after the rain
i never stop with a single shot,
so this is part of a snails series

This and another series of photos (roses look also beautiful after a rain) made me to get today about 1 hour late to work :D But there are more funny effects of this story: to take a good, still shot of the snail I had to lean on my knees and elbows on the wet, dirty ground, so today at work my jeans are a total mess.

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