23 May 2009

eLiberatica day #1

Too bad I don't have photos with our booth in full activity, the first day of eLiberatica was intense, at peak moments all 4 of us were busy talking with people, handling liveCDs and business cards... It was fun, a lot of students used with Ubuntu from the computer labs at their universities and curious about what Fedora is, grumpy old sysadmins happy with Fedora in their enterprise but complaining for some bugs and even professors at an university in a smaller city researching ways to start using Linux and so on.

It was also an opportunity for my camera nastiness, this time I annoyed Jeroen with the flash during his talk but, in my defense, he moved a loot, the light was not enough an I insisted in trying to capture a portrait...

eLiberatica: kanarip eLiberatica: kanarip

One thing I was curious about, was the appearance of the lame guy Manac, who was supposed to participate as a Red Hat partner, a bronze sponsor of the conference and even as a speaker (but not talking about Red Hat, Fedora or Linux). I was curious to see if he at least shows at our booth... but in the end he didn't came at all, his talking space was left empty, pretty much that I knew about his business model.

eLiberatica: Red Hat

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