22 September 2011

2.5k and one more week to go. Wiki rulz!

One more week passed and another milestone was reached in the Romanian Wikipedia photography contest: we passed 2500 pictures! This was a spectacular growth after 500+ at the end of the first week and ~1200 at the end of the second week. Thank you everybody!

Now anyone wanna bet about the amount of images we will receive in the next (last) week? Another surprise or some slowing down? Guess Romania's final position among the 18 countries participating? But better stop betting and guessing, put your hands on your camera, go out, search some monuments, take pics with them and send them to Wikipedia, you know you want to do that! Also, if you live in Bucharest, you can join us for a photo walk on Sunday, we can take some photos, know each other better, maybe have a beer or so... fun time anyway. And if you don't live in Bucharest, you can organize your own photo walk in your city, it can be equally fun, grab some people and go out, in the big room with the clue ceiling.

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