30 September 2011

The last day

Today is the first day of the Milano FUDCon and early in the morning I am waiting for the breakfast so I can go to the conference place, but as early as is, I had to share something and to make a last request: today is also the last day of the Wiki Loves Monuments campaign and our contributors were busy at night furiously uploading pictures so we passed the 5000 mark (actually we are above 5300 as I write this), way above my expectations (I didn't dare to vocalize any 5K hopes). And the request? Is more of a reminder, is the last day, if you have any pics left, now is the time to upload them, the contest will close at the end of the day (you can, of course, continue to contribute after, some people asked about that, only it will be off the contest).
Thank you!

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