15 September 2011

Jury duty

Time to share two unrelated stories about my participation in the Wikipedia photography contest:

The other day was talking with someone I know for about a couple of weeks, when she asked "are you in the jury for the Wikipedia contest?" me: "yes! do you participate?" and her "yes". What to do? "cool! but be aware I won't play favorites :D " and out of curiosity had to ask "how did you learn about it? it was from my facebook wall posts?" and she "no, I heard a week ago from a friend". Kinda bummer "but I kept talking about Wikipedia stuff"... for a "yeah, but didn't understood is about this". The conclusion is positive: people talk about it, people hear about it from unexpected source, there is hope for sustained level of contributions in the remaining weeks (hmmm.... maybe even sustained growth?).

Also the other day I meet a photographer friend for a photo action in the city with a larger group (bummer, it was the perfect opportunity to wear the WLM T-shirt, but it didn't arrived yet, any time soon), so having free time for half an hour I did took a few monument pictures and was showing them to this friend (she will contribute some stuff to Wikipedia in the following week, has the photos ready, needs the time - again, hope for sustained level) and she asked "but aren't you in the jury?". So I had to explain her, and will do it here again: yes, I am in the jury and would not be fair for me to enter the contest, so I won't. But at the same time, I cannot stand and skip contributing to Wikipedia, I do it all the time, contest or not. So I take my photos, submit them, add them to the total number, but they will be outside the competition.

PS: 2 weeks passed, 1186 photos received in the Romanian contest. still 2 weeks to go.

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