06 September 2011

Hunting for WLM

A good approach for taking pictures for the Wiki Loves Monuments Wikipedia photography contest is to have "monument hunting sessions" and this is what I tried to organize for the last week-end: get a few photographers out in the city, with a list of monuments in hand (paper, electronic device, their brains, whatever), have a walk on the streets, have fun, take photos, and then from home upload the photos to Wikipedia. Don't say it isn't fun!

My plan was to assemble a team of 2-3 photographers (with me not taking photos, I am organizer and a judge, I won't enter the contest) but it was too short, found only Razvan available, so we did the photo walk together and in the end I took a few pictures too, unsure if and how to use them - after that, speaking with more people we decided to have a special category for photos submitted by organizers, so in the next days I will uplaod content too, but outside the contest.
What I decided NOT to do myself is to transform the contest in a nationalistic one: there is a top of contributions by country, where Romania is currently 10th of 16, this is decent, IMO, I won't push for climbing on 9th, I won't spread the fear of being replaced by 11th, that's not the reason to contribute (even if it may be an effective motivator).

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