02 September 2011

First day of Wiki Love Monuments

With all my honesty, the first day of Wiki Loves Monuments, the free photography contest for Wikipedia, exceeded my expectations: we received 56 images on Wikimedia Commons and 19 images on the Flickr group, this is a total of 75 images. Was I too pessimistic again? Well, I start to believe we will beat my most optimistic expectations. We'll see :)

commons upload
commons upload
Now, after yesterday I published a video tutorial for uploading photos for the contest to Wikimedia Commons, is time to make the next step and show a video to the other way to contribute, by adding the photos to the Flickr group (starting with new images and having accounts on both systems, I find uploading to Commons easier ...and it will make the work easier for us, wikipedians, but... contribute in what way to find yourself easier):

Încărcare pe grupul Flickr
(if not working from here, the video is up on YouTube and WikiMedia)

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