09 September 2011

A first week of WLM

So many notable things happened during the first week of the Wiki Loves Monuments photography contest, I talked about some of them yesterday at the RLUG meet (there is a video recording of it available), first of them, in this week we passed the 500 pictures milestone, in 7 days reached 516 uploads (422 of them uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and 94 to Flickr). With this amount, Romania is somewhere close with Sweden for the 11-12 place in the pan-European competition. While it may seems modest compared with other countries (like Switzerland for example), it exceeds all my expectations (maybe I was too pessimistic?).

Another thing to notice is the contest banner on Wikipedia, it started running a few days ago, so the exposure is increasing with a huge amount:


Not last, regarding exposure, today we just closed a media partnership with a large (near to 1.5M unique monthly visitors) video sharing site who is advertising our competition (yeah, technically this happened in the second week, but is worth noting).

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