02 April 2008

Countdown to Fedora 9

Update: to get the SVG rendered correctly, you need the MgOpen Data font (is a free font, available with a yum install mgopen-fonts in Fedora).

With the schedule still on track to release on 29 April and with the general intention to stick with it, this is the time to start counting down to Fedora 9 "Sulphur":

[27 days remaining]

Waiting for this counter to get on the front page (hopefully with an easily embeddable widget for anyone to use), you may want to run your own. If so, here is a tarball with pre-rendered images for 30 days in advance. It is English only, but the source SVG is included to ease translations.

If you want to script the PNG creation from the base SVG (with Inkscape and command line arguments), replace the text with the 'counter-text' id. If you want to to it from Inkscape, just change the black text outside of the canvas (the effects are made with clones).

If you want help with creating translated graphics, ask me (but don't abuse) but for scripting the inclusion on your pages don't count on me (but share with me the solution you'll find).

Update: to get the SVG rendered correctly, you need the MgOpen Data font (is a free font, available with a yum install mgopen-fonts in Fedora).

Update: Here is a JavaScript provided by Paolo Leoni (just change the paths according with your setup):
<script type="text/javascript">
document.write('<a href="http://fedoraproject.org/"><img src="path_to/fedora9-countdown-'+days+'.png" border="0" /></a>');
if (days < 0) {
document.write('<a href="http://fedoraproject.org/"><img src="path_to/fedora9-countdown-0.png" border="0" /></a>');
</script><a href="http://fedoraproject.org/"><img src="path_to/fedora9-countdown-25.png" border="0"></a>

Update: Now the counter is runnung on the Fedora's main site along with an embeddable js.


  1. Thanks for your great work!
    I have the countdown images translated to Portuguese in my blog.

    My code to change the graphics goes by email, because the Blogger restrictions don't allow PHP code.

    I'm not a coder, this is the best I can do!
    Cheers ;)

  2. Great work, thanks for the svg. I edited it using inkscape, I had a weird problem when I delete all the digits and enter just one, the blur behind the digit turned into simple black. I had to put in two and then delete one.

    Anyway, here's the fedora 9 countdown in Romanian

  3. I translated it in french, made some png with different size and a php script for the picture:


  4. hi nicu! thanks for the svg! I edited it for the italian translation...this is the result. There's also a very little javascript for the auto graphic change. I'm sorry if the script is not so good...I'm a beginner ;-)

  5. Paolo, thanks for the translation and thanks for the script (I posted it on the blog).
    However, there is a small issue with the graphics: I used the MgOpen Data font (available in Fedora with a yum install), as you don't seems to have the font installed on your system, the image is not identical with the original - this is no big issue, only the word "SULPHUR" is partly covered by other elements.

  6. Hi Nicu, thanks for your hints about the fonts issue, I've just
    corrected :-)

    This is the complete italian translated package (with the javascript)
    I've also created the image number "0", in this way when the
    counter reach the release day, will be loaded the simple "Fedora 9
    Sulphur" image.


  7. hi nicu, I've read that the image "fedora 9 is here!" in the countdown is missing...this can be useful? It's only a very little mod of your SVG :-)

  8. Hi Nicu,
    I translate the countdown to Spanish and published on the site Fedora Argentina, thanks and great work =D