18 April 2008

More webcomics

My plan was to try to produce webcomics on a weekly basis, but something happened and changed my plans: I was stuck almost all day long today without internet access (power failure, then hardware failure, ugly stuff) and as a consequence I got a lot of unplanned free time.

On top of that I received some news (which I somewhat expected) - over SMS, of course, as my net connection was down, from ajoian (we are planning an event) so I couldn't resist:

[fedora 9 release date slipps]

Now I promise, the next one will be next week (and I already have an idea for it).

PS: do you know all those comics come with sources? I leave to you the little quest of finding the sources, you may get even more goodies there :D


  1. Would it be possible to find a slightly more readable font? I guess I could download the "source" and try a couple alternatives myself.

  2. I am open to suggestions about the font (agree about its readability)... currently I use "handfont", a free font from the Open Font Library.

  3. I was going to suggest one that was on my system, called Comics, but I found it wasn't as free as I thought. Still looking.

    I found the font you used when I loaded up the svg and discovered I didn't have your font.

    I'll let you know if I find anything decent that is free.

  4. Somehow, I have a slight feeling you got a grudge against Ubuntu ;)

    (By the way, if you want a handwriting font, how about Purisa?)