17 April 2008

A lame webcomic

Jef talks about Fedora branded webcomics... well, this is something which I can resonate with, as I was thinking about about the same thing for quite some time. But I lacked the much needed impulse.

So here is a lame webcomic, made very quickly in a naive style and with a dull idea, feel free to hate it, but look at the concept and the format:

[the fedora webcomic is born]


  1. I love that dipiction of Jef, nice work!

  2. Inspiring...

    The question is can we formalize a space for something like this inside the project? Put a banner for it in rotation on the main page? Archive

    If you were going to do a weekly comic... would you be interested in making screencasts of each 'drawing session'?


  3. Good work Nicu. We might do a weekly one based on Fedora ideas we want to promote. Spins or Virtualization or SELinux for instance or if that is too technical, freedom or innovation ...

  4. LOL, was Jef the only one being "characteized" in that comic?

    I have a suggestion, based on Dan the recent SELinux post by Dan Walsh


    Depict Dan's 14-year old (with permission?) attempting to access a "bikini" site, but beign foiled by SELinux. Then show the son telling Dan that "SELinux sucks".

    Not trying to put out a message like "SELinux sucks" but I've seen some of the parental control commercials do something similar, with parents telling characters from mature shows that they aren't appropriate for their children.

    Maybe have Dan telling an "exploit" that he's sorry, but I don't want my computer hacked, and brandishing an SELinux badge, as the exploit character cowers in fear, or complains, or leaves, or attacks a Windows user...

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  6. In response to Rahul...
    While I think illustrations for specific propaganda purposes are worthwhile... that's not my intent with my quest for creative content.

    I want a space for more freely expressive content that is interesting to our existing base and isn't necessarily "on message." Don't you get tired of reading "on message" content that is being generate from the Fedora-space? I know I do. I'd like to mix it up a bit... and produce some less constrained content that we can mix in with "messaging" "commercials"

    I'd want an 'official' Fedora webcomic to do what a webcomic does best... be satirical..without being mean-spirited.

    I'll then use the process of the webcomic's creation as a talking point that is "on message".. but the content should have the freedom to stray a bit.


  7. Jef wrote:
    > If you were going to do a weekly comic...
    > would you be interested in making screencasts
    > of each 'drawing session'?

    Not now, I should get my hand first accommodated better with the format, but after a while this is definitely an option.

  8. @mvpittman: I am also "characterized", but not being such a known face, I do not expect people to recognize me :p