24 April 2008

Weekly Fedora Webcomics: 8.04

I was labelled as having a grudge, probably I will be called flamebaiter or troll, but I think a little controversy is healthy from time to time, so I won't censor myself and leave this cartoon online.
If my intention was to do cheap trolling, I would have used the word hardon somewhere in the dialogs, but I assumed the IQ of my readers is high enough so I don't have to go for obvious jokes.

[hardon versus rawhide]

PS: considering the feedback about unreadable text received after the previous issues, I kept the handfont font (for freedom) but I moved to ALL CAPS, hope it is readable enough (and updated the old webcomics too).

PPS: source is available in SVG, as always (open source webcomics).


  1. There's a small mistake in this post -- you've tagged it with the 'funny' label.

    I use neither Fedora nor Ubuntu. I just find this comic rather sad. It reminds me of working at Linuxcare where senior management were focused on Red Hat. Remember who your real enemies are. Don't fight with your allies.

    I think what I'm trying to say here is much better expressed by Emo Phillips (the first story).

  2. Well, I agree that every one has his own definition of "funny"

  3. keep them coming!
    porn will always be more popular than ubuntu/fedora, there's no doubt about it.

  4. @matthew
    This is only a webcomic, a little laughing situation, there's no reason to "dramatize"...
    eheheh very funny! :-D

  5. Purisa is quite nice handwritten font.

    Nicer is Marker Felt, although it's not free.

  6. nice fix. all caps helped a lot.

  7. ...and here's the other side of the coin :)

  8. It's just lame to call ubuntu users as "zombies".

  9. Ha, ha, ha, Vincent :P
    But I know you saw the image last week when I left it unprotected in the directory and invited people to search for sources... (now I have the incoming queue in a hidden dir)