08 April 2008

Of themes, gears and pocket watches...

There are times when every bit of logic in your brain, every bit of past experience and every bit of common sense tells you to not do something and you still do it. In your personal life, in your professional life, whatever. Such is the case with me proposing the Gears theme for Fedora 10 and here are some reasons why:

  • A release name should be first proposed, then cleared by legal and in the end voted by the community, slim chance to know the name so early. And a theme not related to the release name has a weak chance.
  • As I see currently, Gears is not blue and this is a big problem, as I believe a theme for Fedora should be blue (I am working on that)
  • Starting so early, is a good chance I will get out of steam until the important stages (Round 2-3). Effort dosage is important for motivation and work power.

  • Talking about F10 themes now may damage F9, which should draw all the attention and also may be damaged by F9, which draw attention from it.
  • Definitely I bore people and will bore them in the coming months repeating the same stuff all over again.
  • If this isn't enough, I can add more: people stuff, politics, etc.
But even if your brain warns you against, ju just can't stop yourself, it looks like a match made in heaven and the only way is to go forward.

But now to less pathetic things: one of my main sources of inspiration and my most important visual reference is an old (at least pre-WW II) Swiss Omega pocket watch - it is broken currently (I should probably take it to a repair shop) but is complete and is a good shape to be used as a visual reference.
[pocket watch]
without handy access to a good camera
with good lenses, something
able to do quality macro photos,
why bother? crappy photos made with
may phone are just as good for a lame blog post

Of course this watch has a long history (it belonged to my grandfather) but I only know the recent part of it (like me, as a kid having a grudge against it and trying to break it: with magnets, rewounding the spring the wrong way, etc.)


  1. What about blue prints of the gears. At least for the background anyway it may be a really cool effect.

  2. No, that's not the kind of blue I am looking for, I want something more retro-style (steampunk, right?)
    Will probably post later today about my ideas.

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