24 April 2008


I tried KDE 4 back at the Fedora 9 Beta, I tried it again at the F9 preview release and will try it again at the final release (I plan to have it on a bootable USB pen drive, along with a GNOME one at the event we will hold locally for the release). But every time I end my test run quickly, after a few minutes.

[Fedora 9 KDE 4 screenshot]

I understand that KDE fans and users should be happy with it, the KDE SIG guys did a wonderful job, it looks polished and close to the default KDE look and feel (long gone are the controversial, good or bad, days of Bluecurve, RHL 8 and unified look and feel).

But longer I try KDE, the more displeased I get and more committed to GNOME. It looks alien to me, it feels alien to me. Yes, the desktop looks shiny, but all my shortcuts, reflexes and habits are useless here. I could train myself (probably in at least a few weeks of pain) and heavily customize to get something familiar but is much easier to stay with my current choices. Which does not means KDE 4 is a bad desktop, it just isn't the best desktop for me.


  1. Being a KDE user for quite some time, I feel the same when I have to use GNOME. ;)

    I only booted KDE4 LiveCD a couple of time and I've got to say it'll need a little time to get used to it as well, after using KDE3 for many years. The biggest problem there is applications that supersede other applications and applications and functions that are not yet available for KDE4 but planned for 4.1 or later.

  2. hi Nicu, the first time that I've used Linux, my DE was KDE, but I agree with your considerations about KDE 4 (I've tried it with Fedora 9 Alpha/Beta/Preview). It will be a great DE, but for now my choice remain Gnome.

  3. Not that I like KDE, but this sounded very familiar to me... Familiar, as in, similar reasoning to those of Windows users who don't even want to try other OS's they might like better ;)

  4. So far I have not used Vista myself, not only for 5 seconds, this is why I abstain from comparing KDE 4 with Vista (but I saw a lot of people making this comparison).

  5. Well, I didn't want to compare KDE 4 with Vista, but your reasoning for quickly dumping KDE to the reasoning of Windows users not willing to try something else.

  6. Hrm,

    Is it possible to remove the fedora logo? I prefer my desktop unbranded.

  7. Change your icon theme from Fedora-KDE to Oxygen.

  8. @Vincent: indeed, I know lots of Windows users not trying Linux because they know it will not support their Yahoo Messenger with webcam, their favorite game or pirated Photoshop.
    Well, at least I give a try from time to time to Xfce and KDE :p

    @Anonymous: what? even that logo is too much?

  9. True, at least you give it a try now and then :)

  10. Problems with KDE 4.0:
    1) It came - by default with Fedora 9 - which I had hoped would be usable (Fedora 8 just did not work for me). Oops. Back to Fedora 6 for me.

    2) There is no option for NO background image/picture. There is just an option to add more pictures. Sure I could add a black.gif. But, WTF? I can accept not having features, I can't accept not being able to turn a "feature" off.

    3) The cashew or whatever the fuck it is in the top-left corner. Seriously if your new faggy feature isn't cool enough to get installed of my own volition, then clearly it sucks. It smacks of desparation to have a feature that can't be hidden or uninstalled.

    4) Menu navigation is slow and just plain sucks. More clicks to find stuff means lost productivity. I don't know who they were copying here because this is worse than any other OS I have used.

    5) In windows, no more 'max' button with a default 'shade' that is worse than usual. Someone must have been giving Steve Jobs oral pleasure when they thought of this. I just love having to max my windows via right-click context menus or dragging and stretching them around.

    I hope 4.1X? whatever is better, but I'll stay away until later.