29 April 2008


After the latest issue of my webcomic, where I touched the Ubuntu release subject, I received a healthy amount of feed-back (I said you then, a bit of controversy is good) and the piece I thins stands out the best is this blog reply from Cypress:

[fedora 9]

Well, Cypress, I give you a 7 (seven) for the effort and for finding a good looking stock photo.

At a second thought, the "rpm hell" joke is so ooooold and the "old tractor" metaphor is wrong (a much better metaphor/joke on Fedora would be as a to new, unproven technology) that it make me think I was too generous with a 7, but I already said "seven" and "seven" is.


  1. This picture is brilliant. We should use this as part of the theming for Fedora 10.

    The text isn't that great, though.

  2. The "old-trick" metaphor has nothing to do with Fedora being bleeding edge, it's about Fedora 9 design.

    Quite frankly, I've been using Fedora since FC5. I love this distro, I love the fact that it is sooooo bleeding edge, I love it being totally open source, but I have to admit: the Waves theme is absolutly awful.

    First thing I did runing F9 was say "baaaah" :S

    Second thing was to switch to the Infinity background.

    I totally agree with this picture (unless the RPM hell point which I never lived, ever).

  3. @bochecha: how do you know that? are you the author of the metaphor?

    As for the F9 graphics... I don't intend to defend anyone, I have my own problems with the current incarnation of Wave, but I also understand one thing: is absolutely impossible to come with a theme that will please everyone. We are all humans and different from each other.

    With that said, I can see how Wave and Infinity have a common background and a similar style. My expectancy is that those who liked Infinity would like Waves also. But I may be wrong.

  4. "@bochecha: how do you know that? are you the author of the metaphor?"
    What I meant was that "for me" the metaphor is about...

    Sorry my sentence wasn't clear enough, but being a non native english speaker, posting a comment on the blog of a non native english speaker... Seems like we didn't understand each other :]

    In fact, what I don't like with Waves is that it looks "playschool" to me. (french expression I might have to explain). You know those plastic toys for small children where everything is in bigger, rounder, and use fancy colors so that babies will like it? Waves looks like this to me.

    However, just as you said, it is totally impossible to please everyone. Looks like I'm the one unpleased with Fedora 9. Next time I might be the one trying to convince someone that the F10 theme is really great :)

    Anyway. Keep up the good work with the Artwork Team as there are always pleased and unpleased people, and don't be afraid of critics from people who otherwise have absolutely no talent (that includes me :D)

  5. I'm really flattered Nicu. A "7" for a quick GIMP marathon? Damn I'm good!
    You on the other hand... hmmm... not funneh. Sorry, after 7 seconds of further consideration, your comic is still making people hit the back button.