23 July 2008

The benefit of range voting

I have to witness that I find the range voting beneficial for me when voting for the Fedora 10 release name. Why? Because I find hard to make my mind and choose only one option (we have 9 options and each can receive a score ranging from 0 to 9).

But what are my options?

I like Terror, it is silly and over the top, but it is my kind of silly, it reminds me of Werewolf and I can't stop thinking about how we can jokingly prepare the release: "on October 2008 the Fedora Project will release the Terror upon the world". And I can imagine calling the Fedora project leader "the Lord of Terror" instead of "fearless leader".

And I also think I can find a couple of self-serving options, to me both Cambridge and Saltpetre have a "steampunky" ring so I guess I can link them somehow with the Gears F10 theme proposal.


  1. and you actually get better results:


  2. although i prefer the name "score voting"...

  3. Aside from its use in gunpowder, saltpeter (or saltpetre) was also mixed into the food of sailors to prevent them from getting erections and buggering each other.

    So if they choose "saltpeter" as the Fedora release name, you could have a double entendre with the slogan: "Fedora Saltpeter - Always Easy, Never Hard".

  4. Years ago when I was in my army duty (which until recently used to be compulsory in my country) we were debating if they put "bromide" in our tea, as the legend was saying... I tend to believe they didn't.

    I was not aware about saltpeter being used for that too, I guess is about the potassium contained in both.